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Total Home Cleaning System

Having served thousands of homes in the Orlando Area, InstaDry has used dozens of vacuums, but none as affordable or as effective as the Sirena Total Home System. It covers dozens of functions from mattress cleaning to power dusting to water extraction. The Sirena utilizes both exhaust and intake technology to maximize the ways it can be used.

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The Most Effective Filtration Method

Bags are the thing of the past in this new era of bag-less filtration! Many of the newest system use air filters that supposedly remove the dirt. However, this leads you to wonder where the dirt goes. The filters become rapidly clogged which lead to a severe loss of airflow within only a few uses. This has led to the use of liquid filters and the eventual development of Water Filtration Vacuums. Water captures the dirt and allows you to remove it from your home completely.

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Locally Owned and Operated

Working with a local company means you always know where to find us. Whenever you need help with your product, we are here for you. This includes our constantly updating maintenance tips, usage guides, and our ideas on how to get more out of your Sirena system. As a registered dealer, we sell each system with its included 10 Year Motor Warranty and 4 Year Parts Warranty. Never work with secondary retailers, use your local Orlando Vacuum Store!

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Our Total Home Cleaning System has unparalleled abilities

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See the difference that can be achieved through a high quality water filtration system

Water Filtration

When dirt passes through the water filter, it is captured by hydrogen bonding to the water. This permanently traps the dirt in the basin. When you remove the water from the basin, it is removed from your home.

Dirt Storage

Bag Filters

Bag filters do a good job in holding the dirt in a central location. However, after the first use you are placing all of that dirt in your closet where it will serve as a source of germs and dust that will spread throughout your home.

When you examine the air in a home under UV light, it is very likely that you won't like what you see. However, with a system like the Sirena running, you can see all of the air within your home be cleaned within 10 minutes.

Air Cleaning

Air vacuums actually stir up more dust and germs into the air. These become allergens and pathogens that can affect children and will play a role in allergies and discomfort in your home.

The best part of the water filtration system is the 100% airflow while cleaning. While you are using the Sirena, you will never lose airflow which means that you will end with better cleaning results and will have a healthier home.

Air Flow

Filter vacuums will become clogged in a rapid fashion. This will result in a loss of airflow and an effective loss in cleaning capabilities. After as few as 3 uses, you are reduced to a fraction of normal cleaning capabilities.

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Orlando Vacuum Store operates in the entire Orlando Area and we have a Show Room in Winter Park. Orlando Vacuum Store is operated by the InstaDry Management and these are sold as a method to keep the homes that we operate in cleaner and healthier. This means that if you decide to come to a demo, you will never encounter pushy sales tactics. The Orlando Vacuum Store is arranged to convey to you why we use the tools that we use and provide the opportunity for you to get the tools that the experts use. Our staff love the tools that we use and are eager to convey that to you! Give us the chance by registering below!

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